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Stress-Busting Nature Photos

Ancient TreesBeing close to nature is a great way to de-stress. Natural surroundings lets you feel removed from the things that cause you stress and fatigue. Unfortunately, a quick trip to the park, a beach or the woods is not always an option.

Don't fret. You can be in the confines of your office cubicle and can still get the relaxing benefits of nature by simply looking at photos of a lush garden, a peaceful stream or verdant mountains! Yes, even just looking at photos of nature can clear your mind from stress.

According to a research, simply looking at images of nature engages "our so-called involuntary attention, which comes into play when our minds are inadvertently drawn to something interesting that doesn’t require intense focus, like a pleasing picture or landscape feature."

So to give some respite from your stressful day at work (or at home!), here are some nature photos that will help improve your mood, clear your head and boost your focus.

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